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SKI-DOO  Snowmobiles  2004
Legend 380F
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01- Cooling System (380F) 07- Front Suspension (LEGEND GT 380F)
01- Crankcase (380F) 07- Steering System
01- Crankshaft (380F) 08- Front Arm Legend
01- Cylinder, Exhaust Manifold (380F) 08- Rear Arm Legend
01- Engine Support And Muffler (380F) 08- Rear Suspension (Legend)
02- Air Intake System (380F) 09- Bottom Pan
02- Carburetors (380F) 09- Cab, Console (Legend)
02- Fuel System (380F) 09- Decals (Legend 380F)
02- Oil Injection System (380F) 09- Frame (Legend)
02- Oil Tank And Support 09- Options
03- Magneto (380F) 09- Rack (GT)
04- Electric Starter (Legend 380F) 09- Seat (380F GT)
04- Rewind Starter 09- Seat (Legend)
05- CHAINCASE (LEGEND, GT 380F) 10- Battery, Starter (Legend 380F)
05- Drive Pulley (Legend 380F) 10- Cab Harness (Legend)
05- Drive System (Legend GT 380F) 10- Console Harness (Legend)
05- Driven Pulley (380F) 10- Frame Harness
06- Brake (Legend GT 380F) 10- Steering Harness (380F)
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March 29, 2015

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